ESN Coimbra welcomed SPEAK! What is SPEAK? SPEAK is a cultural integration project whose objective is to break down linguistic and cultural barriers, where you can learn a new language or improve one you already know while meeting people from the city. 

How does it work? 

It works based on Buddies, who are volunteers fluent in the language you want to learn and will help you either learn or improve a language. There are two levels of classes:

  • Basic - for those who are learning the language for the first time
  • Conversational - for those who already know the language and are interested in improving and practising more.

In addition to learning how to sound like a “local”, the classes are interactive and based on the conversation promoted by the Buddies and by recreational and cultural events outside the classes promoted by the ESN Coimbra SPEAK team.

How to apply? 

SPEAK is for everyone and for that reason to be a part, either as a buddy or as a participant in classes, you only have to create a SPEAK account and select the city and language group in which you want to participate.

To apply for buddy or participant, you must: 

  • Sing up at 

  • Choose a Language of your interest 

  • Choose your Group 

  • Pay with Paypal or Credit Card (29€ for participants | Free for Buddies) 

  • Start sharing your world with us! 

What is Included? 

It is included one 90 minute session per week, during 12 weeks. 


Do you want to learn/share a language and meet new people at the same time? Join SPEAK and let's learn together! We are waiting for you! For more information check the website: If you have any question during this experience, just contact us by Facebook, Instagram or e-mail:

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